A Comprehensive Guide of the Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites

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However, for Regulation CF, founders will pay 7.5% of any successful crowdfunding campaigns. For Regulation A, WeFunder charges a flat fee of $375,000 (the equivalent of 7.5% on a $5 million funding round). Generally, the terms of debt crowdfunding mirror that of a traditional business loan—including things like a set annual percentage rate and defined payment plan.

  • From providing POS systems to small tourist shops to data security and account management Matthew has provided business solutions to many individuals.
  • If you’re raising money for a cause, you don’t have to pay any fees with Indiegogo’s sister platform—GoFundMe.
  • Research also shows that friends and family account for a large, or even majority, portion of early fundraising.
  • In the UK, Spacehive is used by the Mayor of London and Manchester City Council to co-fund civic projects created by citizens.
  • This is a great option for those with long-term goals to build an established profitable company rather than those with a one-off project idea.
  • If you don’t have enough money saved up to cover an investment like this, crowdfunding may not be right for you.

It’s also possible to buy or sell unwanted shares on a secondary market, but a 5% transaction fee applies. Republic lets you invest in crowdfunded deals with as little as $10, making it easy to dabble without being too risky. When investing in a startup on Fundable, there is a $1,000 minimum for equity or debt raises. This makes it easy to stay up to date on startups you might want to invest in. The ability to sell products or services related to the project once it is released. Keep things simple – Don’t overcomplicate things or try to do too much at once keep everything easy to understand and keep things rooted in reality.

Best Crowdfunding Platforms for Startups

If you don’t raise the anticipated amount, you won’t receive any of your funding, so you’ll want to allow ample time and set a realistic budget. To really sell your company, you’ll want to get personal with your audience, sharing your mission and the intentions behind your brand. The first step, however, is finding the right platform to introduce your business. Here are the top five crowdfunding sites to consider when funding your business. The sites above are some of the best available but don’t stop here with your research. There are multiple other crowdfunding sites to consider based on your specific needs.

  • Enterprises of all types can use crowdfunding, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good fit.
  • The platform has helped over 4,000 business owners get the required funds and has an impressive 41.8 percent success rate.
  • According to Kickstarter, approximately 9% of their projects fail to deliver.
  • This can help them reach a wider range of investors and ultimately speed up the process of raising capital.
  • In addition, limits on secondary sales under Reg A were lifted to $22.5 million from $15 million.
  • Crowdfunding has been a popular option for many entrepreneurs over the years, and the nature of this route means that the most unique ideas are likely to rise to the top fast.

And if you’d like a little extra help with your campaign, Fundable offers consulting services. These consulting services do cost more than Fundable’s monthly fee, but you’ll have to contact Fundable to get the exact cost for your startup. Equity crowdfunding with accredited investors has more legal requirements than other types of crowdfunding. In part, that’s because Wefunder has an excellent success rate (around 75%), even though it’s not super exclusive. It’s also because Wefunder offers lots of resources and help for startups that use it to crowdfund, including mentorship, help with legal documents, and even investor relations support. IFundWomen offers free training in the “iFundWomen Method” of crowdfunding.

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Payment processing is capped at 2.2% and 29 cents per transaction. But on average, it is 1.2% plus 29 cents per transaction, lower than many other providers on this list. The Essential tier is $59 per month if billed annually while the Advanced tier is $99 per month if billed annually. Patreon even offers various integrations that you can use to promote your service. There are other fun features like sneak peeks, shout-outs, special content, and more.

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Therefore, on October 26, 2016, the SEC adopted Rule 147 which removed many of the restrictions to modernize the Rules. For example, companies would have to do business and have its principal place of business in the state where the offering is sold, and not necessarily where offered per the prior rule. Before investing the considerable time and resources needed to prepare a crowdfunding campaign, check that you can pass the screening rules defined by your chosen platform. For startups, this can be an excellent way to validate the interest in their product in what is essentially a pre-sell approach. Customers are, in effect, pre-ordering your product before production.

Best Crowdfunding Site for Nonprofits: Classy.org

There are a few best practices you’ll want to keep in mind when using crowdfunding to raise capital for your business. Before we jump into how you can use crowdfunding as a strategy for raising funds for your business, let’s quickly cover what, exactly, crowdfunding is. Fundable is best for tech startups making anything from drones and medical equipment to diagnostics software. Completed projects tend to have high dollar amounts and typically are companies that are ready to scale or deploy their products to a larger audience from various industries.


12 Best Crowdfunding Sites For Small Business crowdfunding, in which entrepreneurs pre-sell a product or service to launch a business concept without incurring debt or sacrificing equity/shares. The first company to engage in this business model was the U.S. website ArtistShare . As the model matured, more crowdfunding sites started to appear on the web such as Kiva , The Point , Indiegogo , Kickstarter , GoFundMe , Microventures , and YouCaring . Although similar concepts can also be executed through mail-order subscriptions, benefit events, and other methods, the term crowdfunding refers to internet-mediated registries. I will explore other early funding sources for startups in future posts, from friends and family to venture capital. In the meantime, check out articles onearly pre-equity sourcesandbootstrapping.

You keep whatever funds get raised even if you fall short of the campaign target. One of the most popular crowdfunding platforms for environmental projects is Kickstarter. Kickstarter has a wide range of options for funding projects, from small donations to large pledges from institutional investors. Author Don Steinberg uses a journalistic approach to exposing the best Kickstarter practices. Readers can explore firsthand accounts of how businesses crowdfunding and what they learned during their fundraising promotions. Steinberg explains the requirements for running a Kickstarter project and reminds his audience that Kickstarter is for creatives building a company or making a product.

  • However, raising funds for a brand new company may be difficult, given that WeFunder’s most successful projects have demonstrated growth, government contracts, or major accomplishments.
  • This approach allows project creators to collect the funds for as long as they want, as there’s no specific date when the crowdfunding project has to stop.
  • There are a variety of crowdfunding platforms available for technology startups, but the best ones vary depending on the needs of the startup.
  • Funding Circle is a peer to peer lending service that has provided over £3.4 billion to 35,623 UK businesses.
  • Patreon charges creators fees between 5% and 12%, depending on the plan you choose .

Although crowdfunding is a high-risk investment, investors should only put the money they are comfortable losing in the hypothetical scenario. All an investor needs is one big investment to recover the other losses and earn an impressive ROI. It’s a complete marketing plan to advertise your company or your idea and attract investors. There are many websites where people can make investments in your idea or your business. Mightycause is a fundraising platform that puts relationship building at the forefront of its mission to power nonprofits to change the world.

Best Crowdfunding Sites at a Glance

To use SeedInvest, it is necessary to fill out an application, submit it by the screening committee, and complete your due diligence before creating your profile. SeedInvest is a platform for businesses looking to grow, and you can expect that the application process will take a minimum of 60 days to finish. Today, over 15 million users visit the Indiegogo website monthly, and around 19,000 campaigns are launched each month. You’ll need to create an application, make it through a screening committee, and conduct your due diligence before making a profile and closing your round. You should expect the process to take a minimum of 60 days to complete. Anastasia worked in management consulting and tech startups, so she has lots of experience in helping professionals choosing the right business software.

  • There are three plans that you can choose from, including Basic, premium DIY, or Full-Service.
  • I recently spoke with someone engagingRepublic, an equity-based crowdfunding platform.
  • It takes approximately six weeks from application submission to final approval and actual funding date.
  • They vary significantly in features such as their overall processing fee structure, target audiences, and the strategies employed in running their operations.

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